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2023 Half Day Camp at Simsbury High School


Half Day Girls Multi-Sport Camp

Camp Information

Simsbury Girls Varsity Basketball (Sam Zullo) and Soccer (Steve Jarvis) are working together to run a unique multi-sport camp for girls.  This camp will involve a fun and intense 80 minutes of soccer with Coach Jarvis, and 80 minutes of basketball with Coach Zullo.  There will be a 20 minute rest/snack period in between the two sports.

Camp will be offered for two different age groups:

K-4: Beginner to Intermediate - basic skills will be taught and trained through competitive drills and games.  We recommend this camp even for girls that don't play both sports as it is a great way to tryout something new and learn from two varsity coaches!

5-8: Intermediate to Advanced - advanced skills will be taught at a fast pace through intense drills and technique by varsity coaches...this session is meant for serious players looking to take their games to the next level.  Even if a player is more serious in one of the sports, we believe that cross training and learning from other varsity coaches will only improve coach ability and athletic success.  We recommend the multi-sport camp for serious athletes, not just serious soccer or basketball players.


Camp Schedule


9:00 Meet at High School Gym for Basketball Session
10:20 Head to High School Turf for Soccer Session
10:40 Begin Soccer Session
12:00 Pick Up at High School Turf



9:00 Meet at High School Turf for Soccer Session
10:20 Head to High School Gym for Basketball Session
10:40 Begin Basketball Session
12:00 Pick Up at High School Gym

Note: Water breaks are given periodically

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For questions about the Half Day Camp at Indian Meadows, please contact:

Sam Zullo